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Hi, I’m Brandon Kirkley. Nice to meet you!

I’m a video game writer, artist, and developer. I’m also a trained designer with a Bachelor’s in Communications Design via top design university Carnegie Mellon, through which I’ve gained on-field experience with working in teams to develop large and complex projects for clients. And boy, can video games get large and complex. When you’re working with someone, you want to know that they’re experienced in designing and communicating with others to accomplish great things together. With me, you know it for a fact. You can see my resume here.

I released a full video game, Who I See, that earned the following acclaim:

  • PCGAMER’s Top 5 Free Games of the Week

  • Featured Game of Gamejolt, indie game site

  • Judge’s Top Pick in AdventureJam2018

  • Colossal Leap (Most innovative game) in AdventureJam2018

  • In just its first week, gained over 16,000 views and 600 followers

  • Selected to be Featured at Indiepocalypse 2019, hosted by Gamejolt, Devolver Digital, and Good Shepherd Entertainment

Why all the attention? It’s been praised for its writing, from the narration to the dialogue to the characters to the atmosphere to the setting to the questline. A mouthful, but it’s true, and its only getting more popular by the day. You can play it here!

You can see my writing samples here, which includes a game bible I made with others under experienced game writer Chris Klug. It includes the story beats, a prose outline, a character profile, a setpiece, and a scene screenplay, showing that I know how to write in teams for games in particular!

I’ve been a storyteller since I was a kid doodling comics (and I never gave up my passion for art), but as much as I loved writing, making short stories or comics always felt like it was missing something. I found that something through video games. In no other medium is the consumer such an active participant, a vital part of the experience itself. This allows video games to tell stories and convey information in ways that no other medium could. It isn’t just that game stories themselves can be wonderful, it’s that the ways in which they are told, both grand and subtle, can make them truly memorable experiences.

When I’m not working on video games, I’m working on another kind of game - tabletop campaigns! I’ve DMed multiple campaigns, short and long, over the past three years. I love it dearly, it hones my writing skill every week (especially on dialogue), and it helped turn me into the game writer I am today. Of course, I love playing video games and always look for great examples of writing in them. I enjoy exercising, creating art, and laughing at bad horror movies.

To keep it all short, my resume is right here. I’m on the lookout for any opportunities and I’d love to hear from you! Let’s get in touch, and I look forward to talking with you.