Game Designer

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Communications Design.

That means that I am highly skilled and trained in communicating effectively via writing, visuals, sounds, and user input, all vital parts of a video game. In my education, I have:

  • Focused on iterating quickly via outlines and storyboards to submit practical work that solved design problems. 

  • Refined abilities to accept and provide constructive feedback, and to work through multiple iterations. 

  • Used visual, auditory, and user-interaction storytelling to enhance writing and convey ideas to audiences. 

Carnegie Mellon University is rated by LinkedIn as the "Number 1 Design Program", and always ends up high on the lists of acclaimed universities.

For four years, I met and surpassed the demands of expert designers with decades of professional experience, a testament to how I can excel in what you ask of me. If these professionals, who would want no failures attached to their name, say that I am a great designer, then you can trust their trust in me.

With me, you don't have to hope that I'm good. You can look at this page and know that I am.

I have a work history outside of the university, which you can see in the rest of the portfolio, to show that not only have I come from the best design school, but I know how to apply my training to excel in a professional workplace. I am a designer of proven quality, and I am eager to talk with you.