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Exhibit - Center of Life


Exhibit - Center of Life

Center of Life Church of Hazelwood

I worked in a system of 40 people to create an exhibit. The system was split into various teams, and in mine, I was in charge of the visuals and presentations of our work. 


In the team, I was in charge of the visuals and presentations of our specific part of the work. I reported to and worked with groups and supervisors that were in charge of the overall visuals. I worked within the formats, guidelines, and rules of the system by creating original content that complimented them.


These formats included document margins in InDesign, specific image layouts in Illustrator, exact color templates in Photoshop, and more. This shows that I am experienced in working with different departments and making sure that content is up to the standards and goals of each one. 


In this position, I faced problems common to working in large groups, such as having a coworker who refused to work on other people's ideas due to stubbornness. I solved it by speaking with him and convincing him to work with everyone else, which improved group cohesion and efficiency. This shows that I both work well in teams large and small, and I know how to overcome and resolve the conflicts that can pop up between coworkers.