Game Bible


Olympic Game Bible

When I was in Carnegie Mellon University, I took a class on game writing and design. The class was taught by Chris Klug (Gerry Christopher Klug), an acclaimed video game writer with decades of experience in the industry. Under him, I and three coworkers created the game bible for a tabletop campaign:


Olympic used the Firefly system - yes, that sci-fi show that deserved more episodes - which focused on character personalities, relationships, drama, and character-centered stories, with some fun action writing thrown in there!

In the book, I created the following things. Click on each one to see the respective PDF, and here is a collective PDF of all of my work. Along with that, here is a PDF of the full game bible. Note, a few pages are missing because some of the data was lost after the semester. Tragic, how some things are lost to the sands of time. However, my work is intact and listed here: