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Visual Design for Texas 4000 Fundraiser against Cancer

Visual Design for Texas 4000 Fundraiser against Cancer


Visual Design and Products for Fundraiser against Cancer

To raise funds for my brother's run in the Texas 4000 campaign against cancer, I designed a logo for his journey and distributed it through shirts and stickers to be sold. In the process, I learned how to design accordingly with product requirements, how to advertise original content, and how to distribute and sell content through social media and networking.


Above are iterations until the final products. Ahead of time, I knew that the logo would have to be a solid black on the shirt to save money. So, I designed the logo to be unique, memorable, and effective with and without color, so that it can work across multiple forms. These are important aspects to branding, and I'll apply them to work I could be doing for you.


I advertised through Facebook, Instagram, Discord, and online communities. More and more people became interested, and subsequently bought the products. Offline, I had my brother physically sell the merchandise in his area, as Texas 4000 was very well-known and supported there. I created the shirts with the use of online manufacturers and distributed the products through post.

Through this, I became better at handling products and advertising effectively. For you, I can also bring more awareness to your brand through social media, the most important market nowadays, as well as handle products and distribution if need be.

Don't believe me?


The fundraiser was a success. And if you and I work together, we will succeed together.